Anyone used itec home z-wave switches? (UK based)

I find their product range super interesting, it's exceedingly rare to even find a z-wave no-neutral light switch in the market, I don't think it even exists other than this site. Their door and motion sensor look very close to the ones from Neo Coolcam, but their light switch does not look anything like the ones from Neo Coolcam.

Anyone else tried their products?

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I've just bought the light switch to test.

Itech Zwave Switch

It paired quickly but just as a device.

I've tried Generic Zwave Plus Switch and Generic Zwave Plus Outlet drivers and both turn the device on and off correctly from the driver page commands. But neither update the switch state when turned on/off from the driver page. Hitting refresh does update it and It does update correctly when turned on/off at the physical switch though.

Looks like it may need a custom driver?

@mike.maxwell this is the data it comes up with:

deviceType: 3
inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x73,0x85,0x59,0x25,0x20,0x27
protocolVersion: 3.99
hardwareVersion: 1
firmwareVersion: 1.32
deviceId: 2
manufacturer: 338

I'm happy to be the guinea pig for this if there is any more info you need. It's only on my test bench so I can easily exclude it and add it again if required.

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if you enable debug logging and then turn the switch on and off physically, is anything logged?
Also, you did hit configure when changing the driver correct?

Yes, Configure Hit.

logs give:

parse:zw device: 06, command: 2503, payload: 00 , isMulticast: false (for physical off)

parse:zw device: 06, command: 2503, payload: FF , isMulticast: false (for physical on)

EDIT The same logs appear when switched via the device driver page but not instantly when the light switches on or off, only after refresh is hit.

Can you turn on debug logging and then hit on / off from the device page and post the logs?

Also.. which driver are you currently using?

Currently using Generic Zwave Plus Switch.

Logs for switch on from device driver page:

dev:4402021-09-02 04:37:11.168 pm debugon()

At that point the light itself comes on but the current state still shows switch:off

If I hit refresh the log then shows:

dev:4402021-09-02 04:38:51.960 pm infoZwave Lamp was turned on
dev:4402021-09-02 04:38:51.956 pm debugparse:zw device: 06, command: 2503, payload: FF , isMulticast: false
dev:4402021-09-02 04:38:51.908 pm debugrefresh()

Ok.. this device is not sending reports after commands are sent.. Try using the Generic Z-Wave Smart Switch driver.. This should work as expected.


Works perfectly with the Smart Switch Driver. Thank you :+1: :grinning:

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So now it's all working well here is a quick review of the switch.

As background, I currently use Yagusmart Zigbee no neutral switches for most of my ceiling lights. They work OK, but I've had some stop responding over the few months I've had them and need re-paring so I'm not 100% committed to them and am always on the look out for other options.

As seen above, use the Generic Z-Wave Smart Switch driver for this switch.

The switch is currently only available as a single but I understand there are plans for a double but probably not until next year.

The switch looks neat and tidy with no visible screws, the frontplate is flat glass with a square touch area in the middle. The border of that is backlit by LED that is blue when off, and orangey yellow when on. I don't know if this is, or could be, configurable. The "turn on" indicator in the Smart Switch driver does not change it's behaviour.

Plus points:

It retains it's switch state following a power cut. It is not one of those annoying switches that comes on at 100% regardless of what state it was in before the outage.

On my system it is very fast to react. I have added it to a group with one of my existing Yagusmarts. This is switched on by motion and when that is triggered the Zwave switch actually comes marginally quicker than the Yagusmart Zigbee one. This is my only Zwave device though so this may not be representative.

It is a zwave repeater whereas the Yagusmarts are zigbee endpoints only.

If you want a Zwave no neutral UK format light switch, it is AFAIK the only one available.

Minus points:

It seems to need the (supplied) LED bypass connecting across the load to work correctly. I've tried up to a 12W LED and without the bypass the bulb just flashes on and off. The Yagusmarts work without a bypass using 9W LEDs.

At £49 it's a bit "spendy" even with an LED bypass included.

It protrudes 27 mm behind the back face of the front face (if that makes any sense!) The Yagusmarts are 24mm.

Edit. Update. I have discovered that 2 x 12W dimmable LEDs are enough to work OK without the bypass.


Nice to know yours is working. I'm waiting for my toilet light switch to go bust again before replacing mine with the itec one. I do hope it's a lot more reliable than my Neo Coolcam one, that thing already spoilt once, not sure if it was due to "wear and tear" since it's switch on and off very frequently.