Anyone use the Logitech circle view doorbell?

I’m looking to add a video doorbell, and as an apple user with an existing iCloud storage subscription I’m considering the HomeKit compatible Logitech circle view. Does anyone here have experience with one?

One concern I have about it is whether any integration is possible with Hubitat or other automation platforms. I’m not looking to view video on other devices, but would at least like it to be able to trigger events when the doorbell rings.

Just installed it today and its super sweet... Nice and fast and I like the integration into my ecosystem.

I do sub to the Apple One for all my family so it fit the bill. It recognizes my kids and family members faces and I like that I can see the floor in front of my door so I know if there is a package.

Previously tried the Arlo, Wyze Doorbell and an old I am also looking for any way to tie it back into my main IoT setup w Hubitat. But fwiw, I use the Apple Home app to control everything.

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