Anyone use the Ecolink Siren/Chime as a power outage monitor? Also, Watchdog?

It seems to have the capability, see below.
I'm not sure it's included in the driver.

Also, what is the watchdog thing about?

If a fault condition occurs, the timer keeps on counting up until the threshold is reached and then the system is reset. When the watchdog timer fires, the Z-Wave chip goes thru a full reset just as if power had been removed and reapplied. Your device is back up and running as if nothing had happened

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While poking around look for the custom commands, who'd a thought the device was a "power source"?

Hey, check it out:

Maybe the attributes would be better?

Either way would work I think, but is that attribute being populated on the device page? If you can select it like that the driver supports the attribute but doesn't mean it is actually populating it correctly.

Yes, it works quite well as a power outage monitor. I have it set up as such actually.

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