Anyone use a tubular motor for coolaroo shade?

I am looking to buy a coolaroo shade for my backyard, and I want to motorize it using one of those tubular motor. Had anyone done something like this before and I can share their experience to guide that I can follow? I saw some blog complaining the coolaroo tube is too big for some tubular motor. any advice is appreciated.

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No first hand experience to offer, but if you win the lottery, these guys offer a made to order ZigBee solution. :slight_smile:

I have a similar setup, and would love to automate them.
Hoping someone will chime in who has done it.

I do use a battery drill regularly, one rusted off.

actually it doesn't have to be coolaroo. Does anyone know if a brand of patio shade that's compatible with the generic tubular motor like zerismart? I don't mind buying a different brand of patio shade

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