Anyone try the new "new Home architecture" yet?

Apple had to pull it after initially releasing it in December and having lots of issues.

Looks like they've re-released it: PSA: Apple Has Made Its New Home Architecture Update Available Again - MacRumors

Anyone try this yet?

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I have not tried it, yet. My plan is to let it shake out for a few weeks, before even considering it. Does not appear to be any compelling reason to upgrade immediately.

I switched to it the first time it came out and have not had any issues.


I also switched when it first came out and haven't had any issues.


Me too

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Me as well

Same here. Updated all my devices before they pulled it. But never noticed any issues.

They say it was for better performance. Anyone notice any improvements?

Not sure? I mostly use the Home app as a dashboard and have never had any complaints re: its performance, so perhaps I wasn’t the target audience anyway.

I updated mine yesterday when I updated to iOS 16.4. No issues so far, I didn't try it last time around.

When commanding multiple devices it seems faster and more reliable, especially when using Apple Home automations. I've been using it so long now that it's hard to remember any specifics outside of the AH automations that didn't always work right before.

I never noticed any difference, but like @marktheknife it has always worked good for me. The reason I use it is because its super simple, looks great, and is always quick. I have a bunch of devices in there and multiple "bridges" with Homebridge, all has been working good. I have 0 official integrations, everything is via Homebridge.

Can you command multiple devices via Siri (besides an entire room)? Or is this related to rooms or automations only?

This. But just for fun I just tried commanding different devices and she says "sorry, I can't handle combined requests. Try creating a scene or issuing separate requests".

Same situation here. Our family and extended family are all iPhone users. So the Home app (plus a lot of Alexa) are our primary interfaces to the smart home. (Although so many things are automated too.)

Home app looks good, especially in its recent releases. And I use HomeBridge to bring in some things that can't come into Hubitat directly.*

    • Such as better control of our Apple TVs. Amazingly, the native support for controlling an Apple TV from the iPhone's Home app is beyond inadequate. For example, no way to make an automation or scene that turns your Apple TV on. There's a homebridge plugin, but it can't be ported into Hubitat because it relies on installing a Python framework on your Homebridge server. Can't be done just with http requests. So I use the homebridge plugin, and do that bit of automation in the Home app, instead of in Hubitat.
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Just moved everything to 16.5. Did the new architecture upgrade last night. Seemed to work immediately after the update now it isn't. Nothing connected via hubitat is working. Updated Hubitat from to Restarted hub and Apple TVs. Haven't gone to a nuclear route yet as it seemed to be working.

I think others had mentioned this in the previous thread when it was released in December. It magically started working again.