Anyone try Firmware updater on C8

I just realized one of my Zen15s has an old firmware version and I wanted to update. It is attached to my Washing Machine. Sometime back it started generating errors whenever we used the washer that it was reporting excessive events. It did not seem to accept the parameter updates I gave it on reporting to try and get it to report less. I finally registered with Zooz so I could update my Zen34s and I thought I would update this plug as well and see if it would stop the problem. It did seem to fix it.

Today I was checking my other Zen15s and found that this plug was still not at the latest firmware., Apparently they have updated it again since I downloaded that last firmware update. I am running it now and it does seem to be working but it is giving me a bunch of warnings in the logs, I don't remember if it did that last time. I updated it before on a C7, not sure I even looked at the logs while the update was running. See warning below, it is the same warning over and over, maybe this is normal? The firmware update page seems to be updating normally, currently at 20%. That last number in the warning goes up by one about every 15 seconds.

Unhandled zwave command FirmwareUpdateMdGet(numberOfReports:1, reportNumber:615)

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