Anyone tried these switches?

I came across these ZigBee switches on eBay, they look really nice, but unsure if they will work or not

It's quite possible they will work, but usually you'd need to connect one to the hub first and post a screenshot of the data section of the device details page. From that @kkossev (this forums Tuya guru) can usually point you in the direction of an existing driver to try or get more information from the logs in order to the device.

Post a link to the page where you've found this device.

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Sure, I might just stick with The yagusmart ones already working rather than mess about. They just look great

You can never be sure whether these Tuya-based devices will work with HE or not. Most of them will pair and work OK, but there are exceptions.

There is no guarantee too, that if you purchase the same Yagismart swiches from the same seller now, you will receive the same product as what you already got some years ago. The gadget will be still labeled Yagismart, it will still look the same, but the electronic inside may be very different - this happens all the time as the electronic base changes very quickly.

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