Anyone still using the OG hub?

Curious if anyone is still using the original hub by itself and how many devices you have attached.

by original, you mean the C3 Hubitat hub?

Of course I am. Device page shows 80 devices :flushed:
I also have a C5 hub running my Lightify lights.

C-3 has 99 devices.
C-4 has 69 devices.
C-4 has 167 devices.. which is combined from the two, because this is my HubConnect Server.

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I have three HE hubs, but only two are "production" as many here call it. The third is for beta testing. Could have easily kept everything on the first hub, but I made a personal choice to use old Aeon v1 HEMs and to refresh them very frequently for my use cases. This caused instability on my primary hub. So it's not that I had to because a single hub is inadequate. All my "Stable" devices are on the main hub (sort of). It's a bit hard to just say I've got nothing but stable devices on the main hub, because almost all my lighting is now on a Hue bridge and I use the integration. So while Hue are not unstable devices by nature, they will destabilize my Zigbee mesh if I attached them directly to the main hub.

It's also fair to point out that I use a few Xiaomi devices on the main hub, but most are linked via Homebridge through an Aqara HomeKit hub. I also have some lighting dimmers, switches and micro modules on Insteon and link it via the community Integration, so there's yet another hub.

So , I guess the short answers for me is, I've never had everything all on one hub! :rofl:

[Edit] And if you're asking about OG hub as if it makes a difference in C3 vs C4, it doesn't. I swapped them and the one with problem devices (the Aeon v1 HEMs) still needs daily rebooting.

I've got a C-3 (Hubitat hub #26, back when they hand-wrote it on the bottom :slight_smile: ) running great! I have almost 200 total devices, but the only "real" devices on this one are around 50 Z-Wave devices. The rest are mostly LAN devices, either running natively on this hub or brought in via HubConnect (I have a C-5 with all of my Zigbee devices on it that I dedicate entirely otherwise to lighting automations, plus a couple other hubs for development and testing).


Love my C-3 but have to admit I was all excited when my C-5 came in and it had the HE logo on it! :grin:

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C3 #23 still chugging along. 76 real Z devices (25 Z-Wave, rest Zigbee) and a couple of LAN devices.


Hub #13 checking in. 81 z-wave/zigbee devices (including 28 Xiaomi sensors), 6 LAN direct connects, plus a half-full Hue Bridge.