Anyone still use X10 stuff? (I have a couple things...)

It occurred to me when I was about to throw this stuff away that somebody, somewhere might find it useful, and this is the best place I know of to look for them. If anyone wants an X10 Lamp Module or a 16 button controller (see below), just send me a prepaid shipping label and I'll get them to you.


Wow, there is some blast from the past. I still have one of the project pages for X10 stuff I did on my website... But I cleared all the physical stuff even before we moved into our current house 8 years ago.

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I broke out in a sweat just seeing the X**** word.

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I have 2 bushel baskets full of x-10, including a couple of those desktop clock controllers. Available for pick-up only. heh

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My mental vision of a "basked of X****" is giving me heart palpitations :skull:

Kind of like the Freddy Kruger of home automation.

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I sold the last of mine on eBay about this time last year!

Alongside the x10 consoles, we used to have a 2-station intercom that used house wiring. My next door neighbor was on the same transformer, so we could carry it over there and listen to the kids tearing the house apart.

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OK. Seems safe enough to toss them in the "cylindrical storage bin" along with my parallel printer cables and audio cassettes.

I still have X-10 modules I originally got 1981. I had a friend who interned at Leviton and reworked ones that failed QC. I've got the two pieces in your picture, but that's my newer X-10 stuff. All sitting in a box and collecting dust at this point.

I still maintain that the battery-operated tabletop controller was one of the handiest devices of all time. I could just reach over and turn on or off a wide variety of things with the push of a button.

Today, I can speak the same things on or off, but that involves making noise (something I try to avoid late at night or early in the morning as my wife sleeps more than me). I can, of course, also use my phone or a tablet, but that involves "open, find, scroll, tap", which is more of a cognitive load. There was just something nice about simply reaching over and pushing a button... If only all of life could be that simple.

And I, too, still have these early devices sitting in a box or two, somewhere in the garage. I haven't yet been able to part with them.

I did my whole house in Caseta dimmers and switches, and the dimmers all came with Picos, so I have enough extras to put them on several of the side tables, and set them to control multiple Caseta dimmers. With the Button Controllers app, these can be used for other things too, but I haven't done anything with that yet.

I have a boxful of this stuff also. Some in the package unopened.

Lutron makes a rather expensive keypad ($400) which I have considered might be useful for that kind of interface. Nothing is not efficient than my own fingers navigating a bunch of keys!

image .

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Probably a bit too complex, for me.