Anyone see this? (Level Bolt smart lock)

I am thinking if we can get api support for this we can finally get an automated double deadbolt working?


The Lock Picking Lawyer raised a few issues with their build quality ....


It works with your existing deadbolt, and if you use your own, "better", deadbolt, it shouldn't be an issue for picking.

Now the hollow deadbolt, that may be a concern.


Correct. The LPL’s point was that for $300+ it should come with a cylinder that isn’t so easy to rake or bump.


Yes id use my deadbolt but the apple homekit is a problem don't have that and want to start just for one lock.

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The issue is the keyway - which is standard Schlage 5 pin cylinder. And can be re-keyed. Any issue has nothing to do with Level, other than choosing a Schlage keyway.

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I think they should be criticized (in my opinion) for including a junk keyway in a $300 lock set.

But whatever. Each consumer can decide for themselves. I'm not saying I wouldn't still buy it, but I do think it's a little bit lame that it is a half-assed solution as it comes out of the box.

I would be really tempted to buy one if it wasn't so Apple and cloud centric on the smart side. I'm not an Apple guy, and the cloud isn't what I want for locks.

The hardware is a really cool and clever design in any case.


Sure. But which Schlage residential "smart" locks come with something different? As the article points out "Lock picking accounts for only 4% of home break incidents." A Schlage connect is $234 at Home Depot. The Level has some nice features. Are they worth it? That's up to the market. As the video pointed out, I'd be interested to see how the hollow bolt performs. But most people don't put in very good strike plates either.

Yeah those are all good points. I'll admit I'm not super worried about someone picking my lock either.

Especially since my usage would be a double deadbolt because its a door with small glass panels they can just break and easily turn the inside handle in the deadbolt.

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I bought a lock pick key. Works on most house portals.. If someone wants in, they'll get in


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