Anyone running an Airport Extreme router? Discovering devices with Alexa?

Having some trouble with Alexa discovering my devices… if you are running an Airport Extreme (or another Apple product for that matter) - are you able to discover devices with Alexa?


Sure, I have in the recent past. No issues at all. Why would you suspect the router?

I don’t think it’s my router but it’s been mentioned a few times that it could be a problem, so just trying to figure out if anyone had experience with Apple routers and the Hubitat

I use three in my house (one tall and two short) and I have no issues with device discovery.

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I have an Extreme, Extreme II and a Time Capsule. Alexa hasn’t had any issues discovering devices, but I have run into issues trying to find upnp setups like KuKu Harmony and LutronPro but my Wemos and Samsung Multiroom Speakers popup so I am not sure if it is related or not but did read about issues from others.

@todds89 Just a thought. Easy test. Put your AirPort Extreme in bridge mode. Unless your ISP router is also in bridge mode, you should get the IP assignment from it. Next reboot Hubitat, then try device discovery on your Echo again.

You posted the same question here more or less:

Should this thread be closed since it’s a duplicate? As I posted in the other thread, I have basically the same set up as you and I am having the same problem.