Anyone looking into SNMP control?

I am beginnig to run new products over POE network switches. Most POE network switches support SNMP which allows the ability to control the switch ports.

Items I am running over POE switches are as follows:

Security Camera
Access Points

Items I am working on adding:

Ring Protect Hub. Someone on Reddit has shown how using a POE injector you can deploy this using Cat5e or Cat6.

It opens up ther opportunities for other low voltage devices that you might want to install in ceilings or walls.

Being able to have the ability to powercycle such items would be great from Hubitat. I have only found a dev for Homeseer that has created a plugin for collecting SNMP data but none that allow for controlling of SNMP devices.

If a device is unresponsive or a trigger does not run, being able to trigger a powercycle of the POE port due to an unexpected result or no ping response from the device would be very helpful. A domotz can be used with this and IFTTT but it would be great to not rely on cloud for execution.

Even powering lighting can be done over POE.

One thing to consider is that most of the IT world is moving away from SNMP due to significant security holes. SNMP is heavily exploited by the bad guys and a good many network devices are not allowing SNMP anymore. Development around SNMP may be a dead end.... just a thought.

Yes snmp is potentially less secure. But if someone has hacked your snmp device then your entire network has been hacked.

Most people do not expose snmp to the public internet. It is used to allow a local management device to communicate with local network devices on your private network.

You can also restrict which devices the switch can talk to via snmp by restricting the access via IP.

Trying to get the entire world of IT to stop using SNMP is very far away! Snmp is used to manage every switch, printer, and the list goes on. Every managed service provider uses it for device management. It will be more than 10-15 years before it goes away.

Bah. SNMP v3 coupled with properly segregated roles/access is fine for 99.99% of systems from a security standpoint...

SNMP v1-2 should certainly be proactively retired though.


And any decent POE switch that is not really old supports snmpv3. Surprised that no one supports this in the home automation except domotz with ifttt but again I would want something that is not dependent upon the internet.

It is definitely something I would pay for!

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Would love to see SNMP control via the Hubitat!

Just wanted to add to this .. could really use SNMP support (2c/3). I have at least a dozen devices in my home network that would benefit from this in one form or another.