Anyone looked at Gotify for local notification

I'd say my biggest disappointment with Hubitat is the lack of notification support that doesn't' rely on the cloud. Local control is what drove me to Hubitat as my internet isn't very good where I live.
I don't get cellular data in most places where I live, but I do get voice so text messages work. So I was surprised to see that cloud is the only supported notifications supported.

Gotify looks like a very nice service that can easily run on a computer and will support every conceivable notification system out there. Including cloud based solutions, email (which gives anyone text support).

Just curious if anyone has looked at this as a local notification solution at all.


Twilio is supported for text messages. Check it out.

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It requires the internet to work, that is what I need to avoid.

I did a quick look at Gotify. How do you determine the above statement? Gotify is a local hosted "push notification server". It is designed to be a local interface to "cloud" notification systems... it's a correlator and central integration for local use but it still requires/uses internet based notification systems.

It seems that you are looking for a non internet notification which leaves POTS or Cell for text or paging?

If you look at some already Gotify contributed plugins.

Yes they support all the cloud ones, but they also support email. I was thinking of running the email client on gotify, then modify the pushclient to talk with gotify.

The Emby client look interesting as well.


That still requires internet.....

So what's the "requirement" actually?

You are correct, internet is required for email, but nothing else is required from cloud services.

All my data is local and not shared with anyone.


Ok gotcha... original statement in regards to internet was throwing me. The requirement is privacy and not 3rd party services but data containment....understood.

Gotify on a pi would meet that with e-mail. There's a lot of options if e-mail or internet in general is acceptable just not 3rd party services.


This integration let's HE send notifications using a locally hosted mail server (sendmail) on an RPi or equivalent.

I use it to get SMS notifications.

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Yes I looked at that. I really don't want/need an rPi running on my network, I prefer dockers as I already maintain a server with about 20 dockers on it. Just makes things easier for me.

thanks for the pointer,