Anyone ? Locate IR codes for Bose Solo 5 or 10 or 15 Series ii TV Sound Bar System

Hello All, By chance does anyone have or know where I can locate the IR codes for the Bose Solo 15 series II sound bar? I know @tomw 's excellent Broadlink integration would allow me to control the device, as I don't have the remote and got the soundbar on the cheap(free !) and don't want to waste money on a remote, as I'm not sure I'll like it and need to test it first. Tried internet databases, but looks like this was not a popular device, probably due to the high retail price.

Give these a try: RC: Infrared Hex Code Database: Bose Model List

If you do vol+ or vol- add a sanity check (or something else really common), often you can find some commonality within the same vendor.

Or if any of these seem worth trying, we can try to figure out how to decode them into pronto codes for import: irdb/codes/Bose at master · probonopd/irdb · GitHub

Thanks Tom. I already checked remote central, no luck. The other link from irdb on Github, does not resolve for me and last update on github was years ago. I found that DB earlier before posting but it wouldn't load before either.

Even with my Harmony Hub I could only ever get "power" to function

The Harmony Hub result is probably not encouraging for this, either. :confused:

Even though the website is down, one of the authors of that repo of codes on GitHub says you can still decode them using another open source tool: convert codes to other formats · Issue #48 · probonopd/irdb · GitHub

I haven't used it personally, but maybe it is worth a try.

Problem is for this, the absence of documented codes for the Solo 15 sound bar. I see codes for other Bose devices, but not the soundbar

If you're in the mood to tinker, you may as well just try a few. They may work for your device even though they don't specifically claim to, because those names are all based on user submissions.

When I eyeballed some of the codes for vol+ and vol- for two different Bose devices they looked awfully similar. That may mean that they use the same codes across different devices. Worth a try.

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