Anyone know of a simple programable display that can be used for Hubitat msgs?

For quite some time I wanted to put a small display in our kitchen that would show the status of different sensors, contacts etc.

I don't like the idea of a tablet as they tend to be large and not always on.

If I made one it would be a 2.5 inch OLED or ePaper display, but would rather not go down that route as I can't figure out how to create a professional package.

Anybody run into something like this?


Not 2.5 inches; however, an old apple/android phone could be used w/o cell connection to act as a mini-display. Just make sure you get the correct OS version for the Hubitat phone app. You can then define a central dashboard with messages, house, thermostat, lock status and access to control devices and have Hubitat notify you on the device.

I see several new ones on Amazon (US) for < $50, one with a 4" display. Also small, 7" tablets (I know, no tablets).


That's what I do with my retired Android phones. If you're just using Hubitat dashboards, you don't even need to install the Hubitat app because the dashboards open with a browser. I also have Tasker app on my phone and phone is plugged into a smart plug. Then I can turn the smart plug off when the phone battery is fully charged and back on when battery is drained.

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Easy enough to make always on by using direct power (remove battery first)

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Do this and install the best dashboard


There is also Hubivue as well :slight_smile:

IIRC there was a scrolling LED digital display being discussed around here to display notifications a while back, I can't remember if it every really happened or not. Probably bigger than you want, though.

Anyone remember that?
Am I just (again!) making things up whole cloth to make myself seem useful? :wink:

Still can't find the discussion I'm looking for...but other interesting linkies regarding this:

A couple from a thread, lots of interesting ideas/projects in there:

Thanks for all the input. I actually have an old cell phone I can try some stuff on.


You can get fire tablets very cheaply. If you go the tablet route, remove the batteries if on constant power. Also I recommend Hubivue for phones.

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Are you perhaps referring to the LaMetric display? Works fantastic, but crazy expensive for what it does.

That may be the one! Yeah, not cheap.

Makes me think of this: I don't have one, but I want one.

As Lucy would say to Charlie Brown - THAT'S IT!! :smiley:

And @bptworld even found a way to integrate it!

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