Anyone know if this will work with Hubitat?

I'm thinking of adding some outdoor lights for Christmas this year, and would like to automate them with an outdoor smart plug. I know there is a Z-Wave equivalent of this plug, but I am a little concerned about range issues. I found this Zigbee version, but I don't see it specifically mentioned on the compatibility list of devices. Would this work with the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver?

We can wait to see if anyone replies specifically, but the closest I've seen already mentioned is someone who bought one in this thread and never later complained that it didn't work but hadn't yet used it. :slight_smile:

I would be surprised if it didn't work with the Generic Zigbee Outlet (or Switch) driver, though it may not automatically detect that driver on pairing. If you find it does work (and doesn't do find this driver automatically), clicking "Get Info" and copying and pasting the fingerprint from your logs while it's still using the "Device" driver is something staff would probably appreciate knowing so they can add it to the driver.

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You might want to hold off a little bit until Black Friday.. Also I know the Z-wave version of this works - I've been using it for for a year or so for some landscaping lights.

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They have stuff on sale now...not sure if this is their BF lineup, or if that is yet to come.

I actually just bought another one a few days again and awaiting delivery. They work well but unfortunately I can't speak for Hubitat as they are configured in Home Assistant for me.

If I had to guess, I think they would work out of the box with HE. It's a pretty basic device and should work with the Generic Driver at a minimum .....and if not, would be pretty simple for @mike.maxwell to add once the fingerprint is provided like you suggested.

Edit: @maxq10, I might actually be able to confirm this once my new one arrives later this week (hopefully). I have a spare Nortek stick I can add back to my HE hub and test. Fingers crossed that the stick it still works in HE because I've been using it for testing and recently updated the firmware. I'll report back with my findings in this thread.


Yeah, this outlet shouldnt be any issue at all.
If it doesn't pick generic zigbee outlet, just switch it over to that driver, then hit configure...
Should be good to go.


@maxq10, the outdoor switch pairs successfully as a Generic Zigbee Outlet and functions perfectly in Hubitat.

@mike.maxwell below is the pairing info for this device in case this is useful to you.


With the wifi one at half price, I'm tempted to go that route and figure it out later how to get it to HE possibly with Node Red.

Edit: Just remembered with the new Alexa Custom commands, I could go that route even though it would be (gasp) the cloud. I'm risking it! :grinning:

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Just wanted to provide an update. I picked up one of these over the weekend and yes - it easily paired with the Hubitat using the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver. It has been working perfectly for me.


I just picked up two of the Jasco Enbrighten zigbee outdoor outlets, got them paired and working with Hubitat easily.

I’m wondering if anyone that has used them for a while has had any concerns re: their durability/reliability outdoors? This will be my first use of a smart device that’s plugged in outside. Electricity and the elements make me a little nervous :dizzy_face:.

@stephack @maxq10 @erktrek

I do not have that Zigbee version but DO have outdoor lighting outlets with a similar design.. one is for my landscape lighting in the front and the other (was) for my makeshift garden watering system. Both have been working great. My lighting one remains outdoors all year.

Is it the z-wave version of the Jasco outdoor outlet? However they brand them (GE, Enbrighten, etc.), I'm assuming most of the guts are the same between the zigbee and z-wave versions of the devices that are made by Jasco.

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Yeah the lighting one is an older GE Z-Wave Zw4201 (not ZW+) that has been running since 2017.. I might actually replace that due to mesh considerations but it's working. The other is an EVALOGIK ZW+ bought/installed last May..

I've been "eyeballing" :eye: these..

I have 3 of these and they work perfectly. They actually extend my zigbee mesh outdoors and allow me to reliably connect my mailbox and gate sensors.
Fyi..these puppies are outside in the Florida sun and are probably OK with those 2 elements whereever you are. Cold and snow...I can't vouch for.


Different device? These are zwave.


The version marktheknife asked me about (and this thread in general) is the enbrighten zigbee versions.

I picked up a Lutron Caseta outdoor switch. It's built with Lutron quality, but I won't be able to comment on outside durability as it's in a metal box. It's at least 30 ft from the bridge. No problems. Get a price from wherever you got your RadioRA 2 stuff.

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Thanks, I might end up doing this just for the peace of mind Lutron quality brings with it.

Adding my caseta pro hub back into the mix with Hubitat and my current RadioRA 2 system isn’t ideal, but not that big a deal either.

For now the Enbrighten zigbee modules are doing fine in a couple covered receptacle boxes even with some recent downpours we’ve had here.

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