Anyone know how to find the App Number?

I'm trying to track down this error, but I need to find app 339 or 337.
Does anyone know how to do that? (Besides going into each and every single rule and looking at the banner at the top)

Looks like an app you have uninstalled. Something is still trying to use endpoints that are not there anymore I think.

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If the app is still installed, it's in the URL: YourHubIP/installedapp/configure/<appNumber> as you would see in the URL bar, for example. However, the warning you're getting is because an app with that ID is no longer installed. As mentioned above, usually this is just because you uninstalled something. (If it helps, it would have had to be something using OAuth.) I don't know an app that uses that particular path off the top of my head, though something related to presence seems likely. :slight_smile:

It appears that app 339 is being called from app 337, and it just isn't installed.

Unfortunately, I can't find out which app is 337, because I get a 404 error when I try and go to it.

Have you recently removed any apps from your hub?

It says two requests come from he cloud in the logs. Where does it say those are coming from?

That was my IP address that I blocked out.

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Wish I could help.

Only guess I have would be a broken dashboard or perhaps it's coming from the hubitat app.

I would reach out to support.

Well, I don't have any Dashboards, so it can't be that.

However, I did change phones recently.
So, I'll check again presence via the mobile app to make sure it's working.
Thanks for the help.

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Do let us know im curious.

Well, the Hubitat Mobile App checks out. The ID in the app syncs with the ID in the device and the Hub ID is the correct one.

It appears the the culprit has something to do with presence...


Is the old phone off? Do you see signs of it in the settings of the hubitat mobile app? Removed the old phone device from your hub?

I would likely remove the all of the phone devices and make it create a new one (I'm fond of the hammer lol).

Hope you get it sorted.

I do use the Life 360 Connector, but it seems to be working without any issues.
I've got the app, and it seems to check out fine.

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I thought of that, and did a factory reset on the old phone before I got that error message.

Even if the phone is off, the Life 360 servers might be sending requests to Hubitat. I would make sure that any of the Hubitat setup for that other phone has been removed from your Life 360 account.

I don't see an actual answer to the question - shouldn't installed apps show their app # when listed in 'apps'? I get an error message for app 327 but get a 404 when I try the 'IP/installedapp/configure/appnumber suggestion.
I have a message that repeats every minute:
sys:12021-03-18 10:40:29.116 pm Received cloud request for App 327 that does not exist, path: /ping from

Yes, the fact that app 327 doesn't exist is precisely the problem that the warning you see in the log indicates. :slight_smile: What happened is that you had an app 327 installed in the past, and it had a cloud endpoint that something outside Hubitat is still trying to use to communicate with the app--but it doesn't exist, presumably because you removed it from your hub (without removing the other piece outside of the hub).

There is a bit of a clue in your message: HubConnect is a popular community app that uses the /ping URL, though that's pretty generic name that I wouldn't be surprised if other apps use, too (this is just a common culprit). So, if you had either SmartThings or a second Hubitat (as cloud and not LAN) set up to use this community app, check there and uninstall or otherwise de-activate it. If that's not it, try to remember what you may have had in the past and see if you can figure out any clues (or you could restore a backup, if you have one from the affected time, to see for sure).


If it's of any use resolves as a server in Amazon's AWS cloud. I know that doesn't narrow it down by much...


wow. thanks. It didn't occur to me to run a lookup on the inbound IP. While it didn't help - it does provide a small clue. Recently (last week) I blew the brain out of my Hubitat and rebuilt it carefully from scratch - using all i've learned in the last 2+ yrs about devices, useful apps, groups etc. Getting 2.1 groups for example seems like a positive, It also allowed me to really deep dive the firmware of all my smart hardware. I did not debug my logs from the previous load.

What are the ramifications to storing my current load (saving a backup) , loading the pre-update backup I made back onto the Hub in an attempt to ID the app connector?

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As long as you keep your current database as a backup to restore back to, the impact should be none. Do keep in mind that while it contains the list of devices on Hubitat, it doesn't contain the Z-Wave radio contents, which will remain unchanged with these restores (shouldn't really be an issue if you don't pair any new devices while on the old firmware and are really just going to look up an app ID quick).

But my guess is still HubConnect. :slight_smile: