Anyone know a good zigbee relay switch?

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Hardware Version C-5

anyone know a good zigbee or zwave relay switch?
so i can use that to wire into different types of machines to switch it on/off.

the unit should be usb or AC powered

Zooz makes a couple Z-wave relays that people use for activating garage door controllers. Not sure about the capacity. I bought this on Amazon: MHCOZY 4 Channel 85-220V ZigBee Relay Switch with Clean Contact, Adjustable Self-Lock and Momentary Interlock Working Mode,Automate Garage Gate Door Blind(Zigbee Hub Needed)
It's a cheap Tuya relay, but works well for my purposes so far; the momentary switch feature tends to double activate, so I am not using that. Some have reported that the relay is cheap and wears out ($23), but I'm only using 1 of the 4 relays and figure I have backups if the one I'm using goes bad. The Zooz relay is probably the better choice and what I will get if I need to replace mine.

will that work directly with HE?

Either one will work with HE. If you go for the Zooz, is usually the best place to buy them from.

can you please give the direct link?

It's only been in place for a month or so, so I can't comment on its long term reliability, but this little dry relay's been doing a good job triggering our garage door:

Powered by micro USB or separate low voltage supply, and recognised as a Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch on pairing and worked immediately,

I use a Shelly Plus 1PM for remote control of a ceiling fan. Since it's a motor, I needed to add an RC Snubber ($7) to the circuit. Now I have the fan set to turn on/off according to the temperature put out by the wood stove in the room.

MHCOZY is the one I'm using as well. There are quite a few reports of failure after 6 months, so it's no longer recommended. It's a Tuya device, so I'm not counting on it lasting a long time.


:frowning_face: Thanks for the heads up; will see how it goes.

FWIW it's only got 24V on the door controller side, and we only open the door every week or two, so it might last a bit longer with such a low key lifestyle. :crossed_fingers:

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Info and drivers for all the Zooz Relays is here (about to add product links to my post):

Here are some cheap Zigbee relays I used in my basement:

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