Anyone having trouble with Alexa lately?

I have about 20 z-wave lights/switches in various rooms. In Alexa, I have them grouped into rooms, with one echo device in each room. This way, I can say "Alexa, turn on the lights" and she'll turn on just the lights in the room I'm in.

For the last week or so, this has gotten unreliable. If I'm in a room with 3 smartlights, maybe she'll turn 2 of them on. Then I repeat the command and she finishes the job.

I don't think it's a z-wave issue. Broad commands kicked off by my hubitat apps and Rule Machine are working fine. I also use Homebridge/Siri, and telling Siri the same command "Turn off the kitchen lights" is perfectly reliable and fast.

This makes me think it's either an issue on Amazon's side, or in the Alexa/Hubitat integration. It really only started about a week ago. Any ideas?

LATELY? Alexa hates me. She's always trouble. :grin:


There have definitely been some changes to Alexa in the past week. Not exactly related to your issue, I've had to change my commands. In the past, "Alexa, Bathroom on" or "Alexa, Bathroom off" would control the bathroom groups just fine. Now "Alexa, Bathroom off" get the "I don't know how to set Bathroom to that setting". I have to tell her to "turn" on/off or "set" a level.

This is one of the more annoying things with Alexa. Things keep changing. One day a command works. The next week it doesn’t.

One day I accidentally said ‘Alexa turn on’ and didnt finish the sentence. It triggered everything.

That was pretty entertaining.


LOL that could be quite entertaining if you have multiple switches that trigger Hubitat automations! I'm imagining all the lights flashing and the garage doors banging up and down.


I hope Amazon resolves this or we figure out something. I have rooms with a bunch of switches and I really like being able to walk and ask Alexa to turn them all on, but it sucks when it's unreliable.

The last couple of weeks I've noticed errors from the Alexa gateway in my logs. It doesn't happen all the time, but it's enough to be annoying.

Interesting. Can you post a screenshot? I'm curious what the errors are.

Not terribly informative, I'm afraid.

I always say thank you after I ask her do turn anything on or off and I haven't had any issues. Unlike in April's case, she likes me. I wonder why!


It started this error thing on 11/26/19 at 11:00 PM and has done it every night since. I can not figure out what it is either.

Oh, that's super interesting. It looks like Amazon is throttling calls from your Hubitat. That means it's receiving too many too fast and discarding them.

The odd thing is, I have no idea what would be triggering those calls. They started 11/26 at 11 PM and seems to do it every night at 11. I have not added any routines to do it.

Oh wow. It just happened to be almost 11pm here, so I decided to fire up the logs page. Lo and behold... I'm now getting the THROTTLING_EXCEPTION too! I have never seen this before! But it started at exactly 11:00:01.401 pm.

It looks like it's being thrown by the Amazon Alexa Skill. Here's the full error:

2019-12-03 11:00:01.383 pm errorError making Call to Alexa message gateway: {"header":{"namespace":"System","name":"Exception","messageId":"30936399-d633-463d-bc95-43fe45c662fe"},"payload":{"code":"THROTTLING_EXCEPTION","description":"Request could not be processed due to throttling."}}

I also see one of them that happened at exactly 10pm tonight.

@bravenel can you guys look into this?

I decided to disable the Hubitat skill in Alexa earlier. Then I enabled it again.

I checked my logs after 11PM and the throttling did not happen tonight.

I will see if it reappears within a few days.

Though I am puzzled why the landing light is showing up so many times.

Well .... THERE's your problem .... it's 600 degrees!!!!!

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