Anyone having issues with Dome sensors?

I chose Dome contact sensors to replace a few of my Iris v1s as I moved over to HE. I wanted something where I wouldn't have to mess with the driver. They worked well at first, however now they report incorrect status and often don't report at all. They worked correctly at install when I verified the status with the dashboard. Open/Close reported as expected. I have also repaired the devices and again everything seemed to be fine for a short period and they have now returned to the ineffective status.

All good here. I have 12 and all work.

New devices with fresh batteries, or used with unknown battery states?
Joined in place and then clicked on Z-Wave Repair?
Any mains powered Z-Wave devices nearby to repeat the signal?

Did you do one Z-Wave Repair or a few? Battery devices might be missed on the first try if they just happen to be snoozing at that point in time, so the neighbor tables don't get updated. Have you waited a few hours after repair to give the mesh time to stabilize?

Thanks for responding. Devices are new and new batteries. One sensor is only about 20 ft away and is the closet Z-Wave device in that direction. I haven't done any Repairs so I just did one and will give it some time. I'll report back later this afternoon.

I did a couple of repair for Z-Wave last night and the issue with the Dome sensor persists. It works occasionally but eventually seems to stop. See history below, it has been more than 15 minutes since the sliding door was closed, yet it still shows as open. Do I just keep trying some Z-Wave repairs to see if it eventually "stick."

I have 2 dome water sensors. Boy do I hate those things, arggggggg. Just doing my quaterly tests and the flood sensor last communication was in Feb 2019, so I dunk it and thankfully the alarm went off and my valve closed. But then the logs don't show any activity at all for 10 minutes. I blame both dome and hubitat for that one. I'll never buy another dome product. And this is a Z-Wave plus device, go figure

Guess what 4 months later, STILL says Feb 2019 last comm, and I've dunked it several times, it sets off HSM and closes dome valve, but the device events do not update.
This thing is a real pain is my neck. It scares the hell out of me, if it fails and we flood the WAF is DONE-for good
@mike.maxwell - have you seen this before?

I don't understand, if you search for water in the device events, you see nothing?

Correct, only events before february 2019 show up. None of the several dunkings after Feb 2019 reported at all, but they set off hsm and turned off dome valve

When you do these tests does the current state water attribute in the driver update?

Just tested again, driver attribute does not update, stays at dry, even tho HSM responds correctly

Driver attribute does not update, stays dry.
So this dome flood sensor is still stuck at Feb 2019 and I have done a soft databse reset since. Also discovered that my tradfri plug is also not updating. I just turned this plug on/off 5 times 4 mins before posting this
Is something going on with logs & device events?

Thanks for your questions, Mike, 20 days later it kicked in, the same sensor was listed twice in devices , but only once on z-wave details. It was the ghost device that didn't update, yet was still in use by HSM & device monitor.Once i removed the ghost device from both apps and finally deleted ghost device, all is well again. I'd have expected a z-wave repair to clean out ghost devices? guess i need to keep learning.