Anyone having issues with central scene child devices working with Hub Mesh?

I just purchased 8 of the Zooz Zen 77 dimmers and 1 Zen 30 double switch. The Zen 30 responds fine from the hub it’s connected to, but when trying to control the child relay from my other hub, it continually changes back and forth from Hub Mesh disabled:true to Hub Mesh disabled:false. So it works, then doesn’t, then works, etc. I’ve tried the built in driver as well as the community one with no change in the behavior. I should note that the parent device works well and I have never seen this behavior outside of this (my only) child device.

Since I’ve had no replies, I removed the Zen 30 double switch, excluded it for good measure, and then included it again. Zero issues with the process, but still having the same problem. @gopher.ny or @bcopeland have there been issues with syncing child devices?

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