Anyone have or know if the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, 12-Zone will integrate with HE?

Costco has this 12-zone model on sale for $169.99 but it seems the standard models are 8 and 16 zones. This might be a club only model which sometimes can be a little different than the standard retail models.

I have that model and it seems to work fine for HE integration. But I probably would not buy it from Costco as last time I contacted Rachio support, there is more different between these models than just zone count including software features that at the time were exclusive to NON-costco models even though they were both Rachio Gen 3s. I would do a little research to see if that is still the case. I believe it was the in app map zoning of the zones to determine the characteristics of the soil such as slope and surface area.

Just curious, why do you want to integrate it into HE? I initially integrated it but literally did not use the integration once, do you have a use case I did not think about?

Update: It appears that feature came to the costco versions as well; I just checked in my app. I would still look into if any other features are missing though.

Turn on sprinklers when neighbor is walking her dog so it doesn't ■■■■ next to my truck. Currently using Nest aware for facial recognition.

I use drip irrigation, but just for THIS reason I want to put a few sprinklers in my front yard.

The use case for me is Dashboards. My wife does not like to go into the phone interface to look at history or manually start zones if she think they need a bit more water. The Rachio Community app exposes a lot more attributes making it easy to put useful information on the dashboard.


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