Anyone have experience with the Remotec ZFM-80

I am using the Remote ZFM-80 to turn on and off my gas fireplace. The device works fine from the device list but within the dashboard the device indicates it is off when the fire place is actually on. And will not switch on or off within the dashboard. Are there better settings then just Remotec ZFM-80?

I have a couple of these. What driver are you using with it? Generic Relay? This should work fine. It works in the dashboard with this driver and in rules. One thing about this device i dig is the auto off setting. It didnt seem to like a toggle command from Rule Engine. I use it to open the garage door. I set the relay in 'devices' to automatically turn off after a couple of seconds. RE fires an on request, the device goes on and 2 seconds later the device turns itself back off to give me a momentary contact for the garage switch. What driver are you using? jj

Thank you, that is where I made my mistake, I just left Remotec-ZFM-80 in the type list assuming that was the designated driver. I switched to Generic Relay and everything works great!

Thanks, Ed

I have one of these myself running my gas fireplace as well, and it shows the exact same behaviour. On/off works, toggle does not. Also it doesnt report state properly. I just have a rules machine rule that runs every 5 minutes that does a refresh on the device to update the state.

I have been VERY impressed with the Zooz 3 relay switch. Fast as heck, includes easy, highly recommend it. I took the Remotec out - it was 'hope it works' more than sure it works. This Zooz has 3 relays, and cheap. $35 bucks.

I looked at that one but it my case it won't easily work. I like the zfm because it will fit in the back of the existing switch and its AC powered.

I may look at the zooz though to automate the two garage doors I have

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