Anyone have experience with the Moes Zigbee Underfloor Thermostats?

Hi All

Am looking to get some Zigbee Thermostats, was considering the Zen but can't see them for sale in UK.

Stumbled across the MOES Smart Thermostat WiFi Programmable Room Underfloor Heating Temperature Controller for Gas Boiler. Super cheap and reasonble good reviews

Does anyone know if they are supported within Hubitat and had any experience using them?

I havs multi room UFH, and need to buy like 12 of them...


Welcome, I've not seen support for WiFi thermostats with Hubitat. There should be Zigbee versions from Moe's or Tuya, search the forums. More expensive, but officially supported, are the Sinope zigbee stats. They make several versions for millivolt, high voltage, etc.

Moes Zigbee thermostats are supported in this driver, but there are too many different models and manufacturers, so there is no guarantee whether the model that you’ll receive is compatible.

Sinope are a much better choice.

Sinope should be available in the uk

Received this from their support team sadly.

Hello, this is Dany from the sales department. I hope you are doing well. Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary certifications to sell our products in Europe.

Any other suggestions?


Salus ?