Anyone have an integration for a 2018 or newer F150 Sync

Doing a 2018 TCU and sharkfin swap on my 2016 F150 since Ford is killing off the "Remote Access" app in December. There's API access to the "FordPass" app for remote start and lock, unlock, oil life, fuel, mileage etc. Has anyone done any work to get this integration added?

For some reason I like to play around at some of the API stuff. I signed up for an account to look it over, but the site does not play nice with a mobile browser. What I have learned already is that they should allow access but "distributing" a driver for people to use will be difficult as it will likely have to go through an approval process (to be legitimate).

I will take a more in-depth look tonight. If you volunteer your vehicle to be the guinea pig... Since my Ford F150 is a 2008, a bit old for this stuff. :grinning:

One last thing I will say is that I would only make a driver that reads data (even if anything more is possible). Messing with a vehicle is not something I want to encourage.

I'd like to use it to start my truck in the morning. It can't be triggered to stop when the key is inserted and cant be put into drive without the key.

I can understand that... Let me see if I can read anything first then we can look at making further use of it or extending the capabilities.

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I just finished painting the sharkfin. I have to cut the hole a little bigger in the roof for the new fin to fit and then gotta run all the wires and install the new TCU. I won't have any of that done until this weekend, so wouldn't be able to do any testing connection stuff till after then. Here's a link to the retrofit guide I'm using.

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I think someone did the same mod on an 06.

Check out the following. This works via homebridge. You could easily setup a virtual switch under hubitat to start or stop the car.

I don't have a Hubitat anymore, but looking at the code briefly, it shouldn't be to difficult, at least I don't think.

Well, I requested access to the Ford Connect API program. It is only in Early Access at this time so there is no guarantee I can even get approved to get initial access, but it will not hurt to ask. If anything comes of it I will let you know.

UPDATE as of Sept. 15th:
No response from Ford yet. I would assume that is a "rejection" of my access request but I will keep checking my email. Not my only request for API access/information that is outstanding at this time.

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I know this is an old thread but was there any headway with this?

Haven't seen anything yet. Once I get the TCU and new antenna installed I'll look into writing an app. May be a month or so though before I get started.

I never received any response from Ford... so basically a dead end from my perspective.

Once I get the TCU installed I'll dig into it a bit more. I don't suspect it will be very difficult though.

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