Anyone get a message from Hue -- Hue Bridge Reset?

Did anyone else receive a message from Hue last night advising them that their bridge has been reset and unlinked from their Hue account?

"Your Hue Bridge was reset to factory defaults and has been disconnected from your Hue account."

I'm at work, but I checked my account on and sure enough, the account was unlinked from the Bridge. I didn't request it, and have no idea why it happened. Hue has no info on their site, although I'm attempting a FB chat with them now.

Am just curious if it's related to the recent security vulnerability patch.


p.s. Hue responded to my Facebook Message with: "That's Really Strange". So, clearly it's not a network wide thing.

Oh, wow, thanks for sharing. How did you get the notification? In Hue app?

Must be a glitch with you Hue cloud account. The update didn’t disrupt my account, and by the lack of responses so far, does not appear to have affected anyone else either.

An e-mail direct from Hue.

Looks to be a Glitch, as a google search with the same text reveals others having this issue going back several years. I'm a bit surprised, as it's an odd thing - the implication is that something kicked off a request to reset the Bridge and account, and that something was not I. It'll be interesting when I go in to relink the hub. I may create a new Hue account and link the hub as new, just to make sure that if my current account is comprimised, I'm not leaving it comprimised.


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Agreed. The Hue update was several days ago as well. So the timing isn't quite right.

It's a mystery.

I guess it's an opportunity to rename all my lights and group them a bit better.

Having said that, it'll be interesting to see when I get home if the Hue is really "reset" or if it's just an online account glitch.


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Yeah strange. Was there a link to login? Maybe it's just a phishing attempt and not real?

I didn't think it was actually possible to factory reset your Hue Bridge from the app or cloud. If it is, I can't find it. I thought that only bridge clean-up, (similar to Soft Reset in HE) which doesn't delete your device pairing, was possible from the app or cloud.

Actual factory reset, I thought had to be done with a reset button on the bridge. :thinking:

Vulnerability Factory patching the IoT vulnerability that was discovered, maybe ??

Yeah, it was a surprise to me as well. When I did the Google search, results showed up ranging back to 2016. Didn't see any answers with useful information posted either.

When I arrived home and got around to looking at it. I found that the e-mail was exactly correct. The Hue site reported I had no registered hue bridges.

Power cycling the bridge and then opening my Hue app, let the bridge be rediscovered, and it found all the lights. Fortunately, I don't use the bridge for anything other than hosting the bulbs, and all my Hubitat automations just carried right on after the bridge was rediscovered!

So, Win?


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My first thought, but I'm presently thinking "not". Based on my google search, and the simplicity of the repair, I'm going with "Hue Web Services" glitch. But, I'm keeping a close eye on the bridge and Hue bulb behavior for sure!


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Looks like this may be a thing again, now in 2023. This didn't happen to me back then but just happened this morning, seemingly because of a Mac OS (Sonoma 14.1) update. I noticed that a Home request popped up when it rebooted, but now I don't remember what it asked (certainly wasn't whether I wanted to reset my hub, and I clicked on it after the reset email came in based on timestamp).

This is insane. I have at least 52 Hue lights that now have to be renamed, regrouped, set into rules, etc. It shouldn't be that easy for something (??) to reset your bridge that way.

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Have you considered just changing the password and using an authentication app like Twillio Authy or Microsoft Authenticator? Anything I can I use an authentication app or Yubi key on it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Just added MS Authenticator 2FA. Still boggles my mind that something on my system was able to do a reset like that.

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