Anyone ever heard of LEEDARSON. Vintage Zigbee Bulb

I am looking for a vintage bulb with tunable white light. Bascily I need amber to white. Need the Amber for bugs. It will go white with motion. its very hard to find a zigbee/zwave vintage bulb.
LEEDARSON seem to make them just dont know where to buy their products.
Filament ST19 Spiral Clear 450lm Tunable White E26 | LEEDARSON

I know they're the OEM behind at least a few products from certain brands, but I don't know if they sell direct to consumers. I can't find anything with a search of the model number (my favorite trick for finding odd things like this), but maybe others will have better luck.

If it helps, I know Sengled makes Ediston-style bulbs, as does Philips Hue. (One might be a bit more affordable; the other might behave more consistently throughout its CT range, if I were to stereotype the brands...) For example:

I'm not sure if either of these meets your specs, and it's possible there are more. If you're outside the US, what you can find will also likely be different than what I can find (I'm in the US).

Thanks I did see the Sengled but they are just single color. I am looking for 2k to 5k.
I need the 2k to help keep the bugs away then when there is motion it will go to 5k

Hue makes exactly what you’ve described @mjruotolo

And there even happens to be someone In this thread that knows a thing or two about hue bulbs …:shushing_face: :point_right:@bertabcd1234

Yes, that is why I said exactly that. :slight_smile:

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Pricey bulbs....but I like his idea of bug mitigation with the yellow to white transition.

No Hue bridge required right?

EDIT: Those LEEDARSON bulbs look exactly like the Hue... except the one lists 5watt and the other 7watt.