Anyone ever create an automaton to run off critters using sprinklers and motion as the trigger?

So, my idea here is to set up an automation to turn on a sprinkler zone based on motion. Easy enough using simple motion app. However, I would need to figure up a way to power a sprinkler zone independently of my dumb Rainbird controller. I could easily grab the voltage from the controller power supply but I am having trouble finding a device that can:

  1. Isolate the the zone wires temporarily from the controller to avoid back feeding voltage into the controller.
  2. Provide voltage from the power supply to said zone wires during the above condition.
  3. Easily, well relatively anyway, integrate with Hubitat. I've got strong wifi, zigbee, and Zwave meshes running so I'm open to most any wireless protocol.
  4. Not cost a fortune(Rachio, etc.)

I'm sure there is some sort of set up out there that can provide this sort of functionality. Any of you gurus out there have an idea?

I considered it but ended up grating Irish Spring soap, putting in an women's short nylon stocking (Walmart) and hanging them the branches of my Arborvitaes.

Besides I would not want the Hub to be able to turn water on and off without some sort of safety device.

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I looked into this as well, but finding the right level of motion sensitivity was tricky without adapting the sensor. Ended up using a much simpler standalone solution - battery powered, doesn't need to talk to the hub at all, just needs a hose attached and the water turned on. Granted it's not as elegant as concealed sprinklers, but it works.

Thanks for the tip! Going to try it.

Most motion sensors are designed to pick up man-sized animals. Thus, detecting larger animals like deer would not be difficult, but I doubt a sprinkler would be effective at running them off.

Most motion sensors are designed to eliminate false alarms from pets, so picking up smaller animals like racoons, squirrels, and rabbits might not work.

I have a old Iris motion sensor in my basement that I think has occasionally picked up mice if they get close enough to the sensor. We replaced our siding last year and sealed up all the possible holes, so I have not detected any mice recently.

My grandfather used the Irish Spring soap trick his whole life in his garden. He would slice the bar along longer side and then run a string through it. Then he would put the string along the fence perimeter with soap every 5 or so feet. Kept deer and other critters out of his garden.

I'm going to see it works for mice/rats.

We recently got an 8' high steel deer fence installed around our house and gardens. It's been working so far.

So, I ended up purchasing a quibino dual relay. It should provide the functionality I need to make this work. I’ll make a rule with motion as the trigger, and then open the hot side of the valve circuit, one second delay, apply power to the valve side of the opened circuit, delay one minute and then reverse the the first two steps.
Fun side note, I have neighbors that like to have big parties and then go walking through my yard on their way to their cars at all hours of the night. Just so happens I have a camera(it picks up various critters like raccoons and such and late night drunkards) in the area which will be used to trigger the rule and record the entire event. Gonna be good stuff :joy:

Does anyone see issue with what I’m trying to accomplish using the below linked quibino relay?
QUBINO Flush ZMNHBD3 Z-Wave 2 relays - the smallest double relay switch

Ahhh, the ways people used to solve problems before home-automation electronics.

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