Anyone else getting security notifications when logging in to their dashboards on a browser?

Both Firefox and Chrome giving security warnings now that I have to accept through advanced settings when going to the HE dashboard:


Did something change recently?

This is normal when using a self-signed certificate.
Did you recently change from using http:// to https:// for the local connection?

I did not. I use a bookmark that has the http address. I think I figured it out though. I installed an app that required OAUTH and was redirected to a log in. On completion, it went back to hubitat. I think that may have been when it switched to https (and then I copied the address to try it in chrome not noticing that the address had https in it) On using my bookmarks this morning, it works as it did before. So, that must have been it.

I am using FF 87.0 in win 7 64 bit (yeah, I know.....).
Loading my dashboard has worked in the past, but the last few HE updates will not load the dashboard UNLESS I click the cloud icon on the right toolbar.
The address bar still has https://(my ip for he)/dashboards in it and NOW will load.
IF I go back and re-load the page, clicking on any of my dashboards results in nothing happening.
I have tried Chrome and it works fine, but FF doesn't load in local mode.

Am I missing a setting that is affecting FF?