Anyone doing direct control of their attic ventilator?

My locale is having its usual Hell's Front Porch season but some of my friends have it worse --particularly those in the UK with spiraling utility costs. For a while now, I've been thinking that direct hub control of the attic ventilator in the cooling and heating seasons might boost their effectiveness. Anybody tried?

My new Ecowitt attic sensor and the Quick Chart app confirm that the 1500 CFM fan is maxxed out in the summer from 10am to 8pm, but what about pre-cooling from 6am if the outside temp & humidity aren't too high? (I was surprised by how long the attic retains heat after sunset.)

In heating season, maybe hold off running and let the attic build some heat.

BTW, a quick check of a few device switches turns up a top ambient temperature of 104F so it'll have to located in the living space.

My Emerson whole house fan that I installed waaay back in 1983 is one of the last things that I haven’t added to HE, mainly because I have been unable to find a ZigBee or Z-Wave control to replace the wall mounted infinitely variable speed control. It has a heat sink because it is wired in series with the motor and is rated 8 amps.
You piqued my interest so I am back on the hunt.

Search here on 'Whole House Fans" --I ran across a couple in my search. One had a pretty interesting rule. But I think your control problem may still be an issue.

Found it:

Yep, trying to find a variable motor control that can handle 8 amps has been the issue.