Anybody use RemoBell S?

Home Depot has the RemoBell S on sale today for $79:

I bought one just out of curiosity (we have no video doorbell), but wondering if anybody has used it and what they think.

Have you installed this? Any thoughts to share? I'm hoping Ubiquiti comes out with a PoE or wifi doorbell, but for now I'm torn between installing a regular PoE camera at the front door or going for something like a RemoBell.

Most likely you'll have to use the (Alexa || Google Home || IFTTT)/virtual motion/virtual switch hack to get it integrated. AFAIK, there are pretty much no video doorbells that work with HE directly. Regular Z-Wave, Zigbee doorbells, yes. Video ones, not so much.

I have my Ring setup on Alexa which triggers a virtual motion detector and virtual switch upon motion and someone ringing the doorbell.

I like the RemoBell OK for the price point. It doesn't directly integrate with Hubitat, but it does work extremely well with Alexa. We get a motion announcement and a doorbell announcement plus a doorbell ring sound on the Echo devices. We can ask the Show devices to show the display but it can take too much time to connect and then the person at the door is gone.

We don't really need anything fancy for a doorbell camera, mostly like it as a deterrent and a way to know who is at the door without having to get up :wink:.

The pros:

  • cheap (at least when I bought it on sale at Home Depot)
  • looks good (a lot like the Nest doorbell)
  • easy installation (uses existing doorbell wiring)
  • don't have to pay for cloud storage, but it does roll every 3 days
  • works great with Alexa (also compatible with Google Assistant, but can't see the image)

The cons:

  • needs a strong wireless signal, and ours is not so much. In the app I set the quality to the lowest and turned off the fisheye correction and now we don't get a lot of artifacts in the image
  • app is not straightforward
  • if they go out of business, not sure what happens to the camera

Things to know:

  • you have to go into the app and set your doorbell type before your inside doorbell will ring; we have an older mechanical doorbell that works perfectly, but not until we found that setting
  • videos are stored in their cloud, I thought they were stored on my phone and the cloud