Anybody setup FCM / GCM push notifications for device?

General question is whether anyone has setup FCM / GCM push notifications for a device driver? Meaning receiving push notifications, not sending push notifications.

I'm playing around with writing a device driver for a eufy security camera and looks like some folks on nodejs are able to setup push notifications through FCM/GCM by creating a TCP socket to Not sure how to do this in hubitat of if it's even possible.

I tried doing this through different ways such as:

  1. Raw Socket

    interfaces.rawSocket.connect("", 5228, pingInterval: 300, byteInterface : true)

    But I'm not getting any calls to the socketStatus(msg) method.

  2. Websocket

    interfaces.webSocket.connect("ws://", pingInterval: 300, ignoreSSLIssues: true, byteInterface : true)

    gets an error

    Failed to connect to

Seems like interfaces.rawSocket.connect("", 5228, byteInterface: true) is somewhat correct as it doesn't timeout as compared to sending to a different port or hostname.

Also tried sending a message, and seems like most strings I send result in parse() being called with string 15030100020246. Not clear what that translates too, trying to decode as hex gets me F and trying to decode as decimal gets me �w��

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