Anybody here use USPS Informed Delivery?


When does it notify you? When the mail is just going out for delivery? Or when the mail is actually delivered? If it's the later, I'm thinking a separate gmail account for the Google Minis I have on order might make for a good mailbox checker with voice notifications.


I get my informed delivery emails each morning, long before the mail is delivered to the house.


I've been a user since beta. It is woefully inconsistent and occasionally inaccurate. Most of the time the email will arrive in the morning prior to delivery. Occasionally I won't get an email and rarely do I get an email with images of pieces I didn't get that day, however, they typically get delivered the next day or so.

On occasion the email comes in that evening well after the mail is delivered.

I highly recommend everyone sign up for it though, as there is an open issue where anyone can sign up for your address and then they can see what mail is coming in and know who to target.

Too bad it doesn't yet work for PO boxes.


Phooey! I was afraid of that. The UPS 'Your package was delivered' notification gave me the idea. I was trying to save having a remote sensor 200 feet from the house.


Right, I've seen security recommendations on that. I plan to use the new Google Mini 'household' email address.


Wow that’s kinda f’ed up. Thanks for the heads up on that.


It asked me questions that I recognized were credit check questions. (Which if these addresses have you lived, which of these banks do you or have you had an auto loan with, etc). Once I went through the process of verification, I came to the conclusion that it's much more involved and secure than I had been lead to believe


Yep, I just registered too, and agree that it's more secure than I expected.


I have my delivery emails (USPS, UPS and FedEx) tagged with a label (Packages) in my Gmail. Stringify monitors for that label and executes a Cloud Link in RM when it sees a new email with that label. I have the Gmail rule set up so only delivered packages get that label, not just the daily delivery digest of your mail arriving that day.


Hopefully they have improved it since I first signed up.


They're saying that if it's available in your area, you should either go in and sign up for it or go in and decline it. Guess there are bad people out there (go figure) that are signing up for peoples accounts so that they can steal checks and such from mailboxes. I have a post office box, so i don't have to worry about it, but some people aren't so lucky.


I'm curious ... does the package delivery feature of Informed Mail work for anyone? I've never had it report for a USPS package ... the mail scanning is astonishingly accurate here in ND, but I never have it accurately say if there's a scheduled for delivery.


I get notifications from USPS around 8:30am and mail isn't delivered until about 3pm. Even then what gets delivered isn't always what the informed delivery email says is being delivered that day.


Once in a great while I will get a package listed in my delivery notification but I get a package at least 3 times a week. It's very inconsistent.


It really depends on what your settings are (especially in regards to packages). Typically i get the email in the morning before delivery. Occasionally I get it after delivery. Not all mail images are captured. large or odd sized / shaped items aren't captured. As for packages, If you have the setting correct I will usually get the "Your item has been delivered" email within a couple minutes of delivery.

Yes its a service that has been and continues to go through growing pains, however, all things considered its a good service for a excellent price, Free!. I would also like to point out the UPS and FEDEx offer similar services, so you can have everything but Amazon's in house shipments covered. I strongly recommend signing up for all three.