Any way to use templates?

I have a number of rules which are basically teh same but for a different input and output device. I'm using Lutron Pico switches. I have one in each room, and when you press button 1, i want to do the same thing every time, just that the button i press corresponds to the room it's in (e.g. press "button 1" in living room to turn on lights in living room, press button 1 in bedroom to do bedroom etc.)

I've ended up with a load of rules e.g.

Is there a simple way to "template" these so that i can have the same "rule chain" but map a specific input trigger to a specific action item e.g. button X.1 is dimmer A, button Y.1 is dimmer B? I looked at the lighting app but it doesnt seem to support the conditional logic in my apps:

What if you tried exporting and re-importing the rule? You should get prompted to re-map the devices if I remember right.

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Are Rooms available to Rule Machine, or to custom apps?

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That’s how I set them up but it’s a bit of a hassle and hard to maintain, although I suppose once it’s set up it doesn’t take much effort as it rarely changes.

I guess if you can foresee and likelihood of wanting to change the rules, then updating the en-masse would be a bit of a pain. That's probably where a custom app may come into play, like @Inge_Jones referred to. Not saying there is one that exists, more so writing one.

It may be worth checking out @bptworld 's Event Engine to see if it may have anything to offer in this space....

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