Any way to use a zstick as the primary controller, C-5?

I have the y splitter usb cable and a zstick gen 5. Is there any way to use the zstick as the primary controller and turn of the internal zwave radio? I want to do this because I want to be able to backup the zstick and easily restore in case of failure.

From what I have read on the forums it doesn't seem possible, but I wanted to confirm this is the case.

As much as I like the hub, if this isn't possible, I will have to return the hub considering there is still no roadmap with an ETA for backup/migration of the internal radio.

This combined with the silent database reversions I was getting on reboot, don't let me treat the hub as a reliable appliance, but instead as an experiment. And in case of the hub dying for whatever reason, I need a way to get back to the previous state in a short period of time.

Yea, power down, plug in the ZStick, power up.

That's it.

The Hub will use the External and disable the Internal.

Of course there's all the part about having to Exclude then Include every device. But I suspect you already knew that. :smiley:


Well how bout that. I didn't realize that was happening because it gives no indication on the hubitat radio page. But sure enough when I added a node through the hubitat interface, and then checked the nodes on the stick using my PC, the new node was there.

So theoretically as long as I back up both the hub and the stick, if either fails I should be able to restore quickly.

It would be nice to be able to populate a device list on a empty hub with the existing nodes on the zstick, and if you knew the node/device mapping, you could migrate relatively easier from other platforms.

Anyway, thanks! I had already tried, but like I said, without the ui giving me feedback, I wasn't sure.

I have done this as a test.
I used a z-stick from the beginning, so all my devices were registered to my hub via my z-stick.

Shut down, move z-stick to another hub that has a restored backup from the original hub and restart.
You now have a direct copy of everything (z-wave)
This worked perfectly for me and took about 15 mins to complete.
I have also tested cloning my z-stick using the aeon labs tool and that worked too

If you have a C4 hub, then you can do the same with a Zigbee stick and move that to a new hub too
(Although I don’t know of a way to clone it.)



how do you back up the stick?

There is an aeon labs tool

cool, so that softwear will work with HE stick? so basically if i ever had to replace my stick i could use this to 'restore' all my devices to the new stick without having to rejoin them?

I have done it!
I have swapped my z-stick a couple of times when testing to prove it would work.
(Only z-wave though, not zigbee)

cool im going to have a try,
in theory could i replace my current HE stick with and aeotec one? ie back up me he stick and then put that copy on the aeotec sick (i have a gen 2 and gen 5, got carried away on ebay)?

on the zigbee side does a backup to take those devices?

I use the aeon z-stick on my z-wave hub and always have done.
I bought my first hub before they were available in the uk so there wasn’t a uk frequency stick available.

It is not possible to do this with a zigbee stick or the internal zigbee device

thats tonights job then, this will be good to see if my issues are stick related or hub

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OMG I wish I know about this a while ago. I have been stressing about the inevitable day when the hub breaks and I will have to re-add 70+ z-wave devices. This would be good to put in the FAQ regarding backup :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if there is a 'more powerful' zwave stick that we could use to perhaps increase range and/or performance.

'more powerful' is not usually legal :smiley:

There's Regulatory limits on power out, etc. Every Vendor is automatically going to pick MAXimum.

The real hunt would be "most sensitive" in my opinion. Remember, the hub only has to talk to ONE device and IT might be your functional hub. The antenna's sensitivity (receive) is probably more important than the transmit side.

The software isn't recognising the HE stick, it found and let me back up the aeotec stick but fails on the HE so can't back it up, is there a driver that could be downloaded and linked as the the two sticks are showing different in windows device manager?