Any way to turn off the hub indicator light?

I'm finally migrating to the C7 from my C4. The C7 is currently located in the master bedroom. The green light literally lights up the room at night. I'm guessing there is no way to shut it off, but, failing that, can a tiny piece of black electrical tape be placed over the light without damaging the hub?

I don't think there is a way to shut it off. Others have used the black tape method and I haven't seen anyone say it caused issues. The light does occasionally provide useful diagnostics info though!


That is the only way to turn the LED off...


It won't result in overheating the hub?

I use things like these stickers, LED Light Blocking Stickers.


Blackout stickers are the best. Status LED's put out almost no heat thus putting tape over them wont hurt. I had my u-verse receiver which had a spotlight blue LED for HD indicator that would wake up the neighborhood covered with black tape for 8 years and no issues.


Thanks! I'll try them.

Hey, I had my check engine light covered for years in my 2000 VW TDI Beetle.


Goes to prove how effective and truthful those lights are!


Full set: black, white, silver


I might try that on my coffee maker with the really bright display.

I had to stack 2 silver stickers for my bedside laptop charging light --damn thing almost pieces my retina in a dark room.


Black tape, cardboard, packing tape, pin.

Put some packing tape on the cardboard, put your correctly sized black tape light blocker on that tape.
Using your pin, poke a hole in the black tape in line with where your LED will be.
Take the newly made attenuator off your sacrificial packing tape from the cardboard and place on your LED.
Too dim? Poke more or bigger holes.
Too bright? Get a smaller pin, or don't push as hard.

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