Any way to support 433Mhz, such as 433mhz to zwave gateway device if it exist at all?

Was thinking if there was any way we can support 433mhz sensors, like if there was a product like a 433Mhz to z-wave gateway or something like that. These 433mhz sensors (though one way communication only) is a very cheap and long-range solution to spreading bunch of sensors all over the place.

Bond bridge flashed with tasmota then controlled by hubitat..


Thanks.. is this offline capable or wifi/internet dependent?

Once its flashed with tasmota its strictly local

awesome thank you for showing me the way :slight_smile:

I use Sonoff Bridge flashed with Tasmota and a bunch of 433Mhz water sensors and a few motion sensors. I even bought a Sonoff 433Mhz remote.

I use Node Red on a Raspberry Pi for inter-communication with Hubitat & logic and it all works reliably.

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interesting. had no idea the bond bridge could be flashed with tasmota

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I may be mistaken, but isn't the Broadlink devices capable of 433Mhz?

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