Any way to make a device tile read only?

i have multiple tiles on mydashboard that reflect multiple things, for example, i have a tile that states if front door is secured (door locked & contact sensor closed) I dont want family members to be able to press that virtual switch and change its state. I only want that switch to be changed by the rules.. thanks for any advice.. ps, I tried making it a contact sensor for explample, but i couldn't change its state in rule machine, so had to make it a switch.

You can use an attribute tile to display the state of the virtual switch.

yes,that is one choice, but i like having the image of the lock closed when that door is secured, and unlocked when its not. (in this case i have a virtual lock), hopefully eventually we will have the option of picking an icon for different states of the device..thanks for the reply.

You can customize the door or garage door templates if you use a virtual contact sensor to reflect open or closed.