Any way to hide device names in lists for rules, app lights/switches, etc?

I have set a label for all of my devices. However, I have not changed the device name so I can see what it really is if I got into the device itself. (e.g I have a device with a label of "outer hall" but the device name is "Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN). Since I have about 20 Inovelli Red Dimmers when I go to create rule for a switch, and use the drop down to pick the device, I see those 20 device names too. The device labels I set up are there too, so it isn't the end of the world, but it is a pain scrolling through them. Plus, there is no need for them if I have a label set up of the device. Likewise, I have no need to see all the device names in the unassigned to a room section of the Light/Switches tab on the mobile app.

So, is there any setting that will allow me to hide the device name if I've set a device label for the device?

Device lists in apps only display the device label (if one is present, otherwise the device name) and have for as long as I remember with no option for other behavior. The only place I see names, if no label, outside the device detail page is in the Devices list itself.

Can you share a screenshot of what you're seeing?


Here are a couple of screenshots. I went into Basic Rules and started a new rule. When I go to pick which switch(es) I see this along with my device labels.

In looking at it closer I think they may be the child devices the Inovelli Red Dimmers are creating for the LED. So maybe my question should be is there a way to hide child devices?

Yeah, those must be the child devices. They are shown separately in the list (like their own device, not under the parent). You should be able to change their name from the device detail page; it's possible it defaults to the parent device name, regardless of label, or that you created the child devices before changing the label on the parent device, but when and how that happens and gets named is all under the control of the driver, not Hubitat.

I suppose it might be possible for Hubitat to provide a way to hide child devices, but in most cases, they're pretty useful and something you'd want to be able to use like any other device. If you don't really have a use for these particular ones, you can turn the option to create them off in the Inovelli driver (their Red Series drivers offer a lot of options for this, but it's nothing you can't do with custom commands; I suspect the origin for these was more aimed at SmartThings, where those are harder to use).

This screenshot is for my Bar lights, which use an Inovelli Red dimmer

I can understand how someone would want that if they are programming the LED to give them a notification, but since all I want it to do is the built in functionality (show dimmer level and be less dim when off and bright when on) do I even need the child device for this?

BTW, I saw a past (now closed) thread that was also asking for a way to hide child devices in the device lists for rules.

If you do not want a child device (that acts like an RGB bulb device) to be ale to control the color of the LED bar, then no. This is distinct from notifications, but can be used as a sort of "permanent" pseudo-notification if desired.

The LED bar showing the level of the switch is just part of the design of the device itself, so if you aren't using this child device anywhere (I suppose you should check its "In use by" section its device detail page to see for sure), there's no need.

Inside the device settings for all of my Inovelli switches I turned off the toggle to "Create "LED Color" Child Device", and then saved my preferences. That got rid of the child device and also. naturally, removed it from the list of devices in any of the rule apps.

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