Any way to get HomeKit devices statuses into Hubitat?

I have been homebridge-nest v4.4.6 successfully. so I imagine you can do HE <-> Homebridge <-> Nest.

I actually do my coordination in Node-Red, but that is personal preference. I can't speak to the quality of the HE <-> Homebridge connection using homebridge-hubitat-hubconnect v0.3.11 though I do have it installed.

Thanks for the info.
I setup HomeBridge on a Raspberry Pi (downloaded image) I added the Homebridge Hubitat Makerapi plugin and the Homebridge Nest plugin. Setup was pretty easy except for pasting in the json (See New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI) I have access to all of my HE connected devices on HomeBridge. Unfortunately, I can not expose the HomeBridge connected Nest thermostat to HE. Oh well, I'll play with this and see how I like HomeBridge.

You may want to look at node-red, it has a node for nest. I have not used it. node-red-contrib-nest (node) - Node-RED

Will do, thanks!