Any way to check z-wave plus status?

I've been slowing migrating my devices from ST to Hubitat. I've only been migrating the z-wave plus devices and replacing (slowly) as necessary. I keep getting this nagging feeling though that I should check to make sure that all of my devices are in fact using z-wave plus and not z-wave.

I believe this concern stems from hearing that once a z-wave device is added to a mesh w/z-wave plus, that the whole mesh downgrades to z-wave. I'm not sure if this is 100% accurate.

In either case, any way to validate a device is joined and leveraging z-wave plus? Any more details about how Hubitat will treat a z-wave device in a z-wave plus mesh when joined?


Go to settings, zwave details, if the device in the cluster column has 0x5E then it is Plus.

Nope, just the communication thru the device if it is a repeater.


That's awesome @vjv. I appreciate the quick reply.

Is there also a way to check if a device is acting as a repeater (I'm guessing all can as a z-wave spec) or is there a way to prevent a device from being a repeater?

Example, instead of buying new z-wave plus Schlage Camelot locks, can I use my original z-wave Schlages and modify an attribute so they don't act as a repeater? Will a secure join do this?

Battery devices are never repeaters. Locks, door/window sensors, tilt sensors.. etc. have no ability to repeat. Some devices have battery and power options (Aeon Multisensor 6, for example) and will repeat only when on usb power.

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