Any way to add slight delay to switching modes based on presence?

I currently am using Mode Manager to change my hub to away/home mode based on presence. My wife and I are using our phones as presence sensors. I'm wondering if there's a way to add something similar to the "pending cancellation" setting in Rule Manager to my setup. Our house is on a side street, but it is only a couple of houses down from a major road in our town. Because of this, we will occasionally drive past our street when we aren't actually going home. It's close enough, however, that it will trigger us as being present. It pretty quickly will trigger us as away again, but I'm wondering if there's a way to add some sort of delay so that we need to remain present fro 10-15 seconds before it actually triggers a mode change.

I've tried narrowing the geofence on the iPhone app we are using, but unfortunately I can't go any narrower.

Use Cobra's presence central. It has configurable delays on arrival and departure changes. Then use that for the mode changes.

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Thanks! Super quick response, BTW!

Just happened to be on the forums. Luck of the draw. :smile:

You can do it with rule machine too, using a delay with cancel on truth change.

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