Any views on this kit

I am looking at Smart Home Devices & Products from Lightwave

It seems (by looking at tech spec) to be a ZigBee Kit with its own Hub,

Wonder if anyone has used it at all... and wether I could connect my Hubitat to their hardware.. its hard to tell whether this would be possible.

They pretty much have all the products you need to automate your home.. which is actually pretty rare in UK.

Being based in the UK I like the fact its a UK based company.

TBH it looks like they have either taken a Hubitat device or RaspberryPi device labeled it and make kit to connect with it.


These a not zigbee and you need to connect the devices to the LWRF hub.
I have the gen1 dimmers and sockets connected to my HE hub via an RPi.
If you do a search on the forum for lwrf you should find the post.

Their light dimmers and switches are brilliant, I had the Gen 1 for many years along with SmartThings, and as @bobbles states, you need an RPi, or some other always on PC to use them, but they do work well.

The downside of Gen 1 was only one way coms, so if you turn the dimmer or switch off, at the device, the hub doesnt know. Gen 2 will do this, although I'm not sure if it will with HE?

OK thanks. Useful insight. I'll keep digging.

I'm awaiting delivery of two Xiaomi switches, they arent dimmers (we dont really use dimmers that much). And support switched live, so fingers crossed they work ok. I'll let you know how I get on if you like?

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