Any Updates on thread or HomeKit?

I am migrateing my primary hub from HomeKit to Hubitat because I like it better than homekit, and I can use my pi for other things. The question I have is, will there be plans to support thread? I would love to have everything running on Hubitat, and only use Homekit as an interface.. but Half my home is running thread.. so it’s not currently possible. So curious when/if it will become possible?

It’s highly likely that the next release will contain a huge HomeKit / Matter update. I don’t know if that will include Thread support.

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By release you mean software, or hardware?

Software. That’s why there hasn’t been a release for over 6 weeks.

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I wouldn’t count on matter happening real soon. I also wouldn’t count on thread happening on a C-8 hub. Time slicing the Zigbee radio apparently is as bad of an idea as it sounds.


The info I’ve seen suggests that Matter is the big project in development ATM. It’s not a simple implementation, hence the time between releases.

I have no info on Thread support.

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I think you are misunderstanding the context of those comments from Bruce.

I recall reading that the C-8 will support Thread. There is no mention that I have found if any hubitat hub will support Matter. Thread is a device control WiFi protocol. by supporting Thread, HE will be able to integrate directly with WiFi device that implement Thread. Thread is a WiFi based protocol.

Matter is the integration protocol that work on your existing WiFi network. Hue, HomeKit, Alexa all support Matter today, and this enable HomeKit and Alexa to talk to hue, but I have not seen HomeKit nor Alexa talk to each other via Matter. I for one would love to see Matter support in HE, as it would obsolete my Hue custom code for a lot of things, reducing these integrations to simply filling in the gap of unsupported features -- in the case of Hue this means groups, and dynamic scenes would still need a custom app. More important to me, is it would mean that HomeKit, Hue, Google, Alexa, and all the other Matter supported hubs would be able to integrate with HE without having to create multiple integration apps that do things slightly differently.

You have it somewhat backwards, staff have said they have plans to support Matter (no ETA). They have also said Thread would not be supported on any current hub because it needs a 2.4ghz radio (like Zigbee) and the hubs only have one, which is used for Zigbee. They do not want to compromise Zigbee functionality by "time-slicing" the radio between two protocols.

The people who have said otherwise are not staff.

If you have a basic understanding of the networking stack there are lots of nice info graphics about thread / matter / zigbee comparisons


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