Any update on when Lutron Radio RA3 Integration may be available?

I recently upgraded my home from RA2 to RA3. I had hoped to continue using my Hubitat with my RA3 system, but it looks like it is incompatible based on a post I saw from 2022. Is there any update on this or perhaps plans to support?

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Thus far we have been unable to obtain the necessary technical documentation from Lutron. So, there is no date we can offer for this.


I am in the same boat- In my case I had to upgrade from Ra2 to Ra3 as some shades in my system were only compatible with Ra3. I am going to try to install Home Assistant, and test out the Radio Ra3 integration on that end - if it works, I'll try tying in the HA system to hubitat.

Hello! Any update on this? I contacted Lutron and asked them about this, and they said to inform you to reach out to their "workswith" team. Here's the email:


Thank you for contacting the Lutron Technical Support Team!

As Home Assistant or Hubitat has not reached out to Lutron as an integrator as of writing this email, there is no LEAP driver made for their interfaces.

How the process works as our integrators wanted to make their own drivers we developed the LEAP API that we could give them in order to develop these drivers. We would recommend letting them know to reach out to our 'workswith' department so that hopefully in the future they can also write a driver for our system.

As of right now however, there is no way to connect the two.

We hope this sheds some light.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to respond to this email. For immediate assistance, please contact our 24/7 Technical Support Team @ 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661) and refer to the case number in the subject line of this email.

Residential Systems
1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661)

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
7200 Suter Road | Coopersburg, PA | 18036 | USA

Thanks for that, we did reach out to workswith last year and was told that management hadn't made any decisions yet.


I think if Lutron decides they’re willing to work with Hubitat on this, we’ll know it when Hubitat releases an integration that uses Lutron’s LEAP protocol :slightly_smiling_face:.

It seems they are responding with false information.

More like uninformed information. What's that called? Noninformation?

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Newspeak. Where the "Department of External Integrations" focuses on locking down an API.

As an FYI, when I told Lutron that the hang-up might be on their side they said they would forward my question on to Ryan. In the meantime, they did provide an interesting way to create a virtual keypad, which can be seen on apps. It's not what I am looking for, but does help some scenarios to work./

From: Lutron Support
Sent: Monday, July 3, 2023 1:43 PM
To: Mark Paley
Subject: RE: Case: 02671586 - Lutron Support Center Inquiry [ ]

Good Afternoon Mike,

We'll be forwarding this off to Ryan, and hopefully push forward with this.

In the meantime however we would recommend if you're just looking for virtual app control with a keypad, and you're able to program your own system, you can use a 'Homeowner Keypad'.

The 'Homeowner Keypad' you will need to go to Design > Controls > Edit Toolbox (in the top right) > Search for 'Homeowner' > Add it to your toolbox > Add it in Design. Once you do that, that's a keypad that will show up only in the app, but you can program that like any keypad, and have any scenes or lights programmed to it.

You should also be able to add this to any home control software such as HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.

We hope this sheds some light!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to respond to this email. For immediate assistance, please contact our 24/7 Technical Support Team @ 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661) and refer to the case number in the subject line of this email.

Residential Systems
1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661)

Is there any update on this? I'm looking to upgrade from Radio Ra 2 to 3 to take advantage of new products such as the outdoor plug and the new tape light, but I've been holding off in hopes that of this integration working.....

Hubitat staff haven’t said anything publicly about being given access to Lutron’s LEAP protocol, and Lutron has not made the LEAP protocol publicly available.

So the likely answer is no, there is no update. I doubt there will be until what I mentioned above occurs:


My unpopular take is that RA3 is a dead end until they decide to release an external API. I know I wouldn't invest in it at this point.

And yes, I know that people will chime in saying "you can still get RA2 and it works great". Acknowledged. I still stand by my RA3 opinion though.


Thanks all! This is unfortunate. Regarding RA2, I though lutron stopped selling main repeaters?

There's always ebay.


No answer for an integration, but a suggestion for devices:

The Caséta outdoor plug is exactly the same as the Radio RA3 version, except each is locked to their respective systems. The Caséta version is $80 street and the Radio RA3 is $250 MSRP.

A similar story for lamp dimmers, though they are in different physical forms. Caséta street is $50, Radio RA2/3 MSRP is $179.

A Caséta pro bridge MSRP is $150. If you don't have one already, it is also a good place for Picos controlling Radio RA2 stuff via Hubitat to live. After discounts (YMMV), a bridge plus a Caséta outdoor plug won't be much different in costs than just a RA3 plug. Any more devices and you are saving a fair bit. I realize that does not answer your LED tape issue.


I've been pinging them off and on again since I provided this update, and still nothing. I asked them what requirements a business needs to meet in order for them to allow a 3rd party API integration, but haven't heard back. I don't have any hope of this actually resolving in the near term unfortunately. I suppose the work around could be to go through Alexa integration, but then you are taking a dependency on a cloud provider.

It's a real shame, as I moved over to RA3 in my home from RA2, and the switches and reliability are great. But there is a real need for a Hubitat or HA integration as their software just doesn't allow one to do the needful.

Was your RA2-->RA3 transition part of a larger renovation? Or just change of Lutron devices?

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Home Assistant has some RadioRA 3 support, I don't think it is feature complete. It's reverse engineered and so subject to issues.

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It was part of a larger renovation. I kept many of my RA2 switches but installed a bunch of new RA3 as well.

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