Any tricks with C-7 under to improve Z-Wave mesh

Have been using HE for several months from 2.2.3 through 2.2.5 and wonder if there is any way to trick/tweak the mesh routing to make devices more stable. For example, I have two devices placed within inches of each other that have dramatically different routing:

The Tree lights Aeon DSC06106 non-Plus module follows a reasonable route through another Aeon DSC06106 non-Plus module and then through a Leviton DZ6HD and works well. The Effect light starts in the opposite direction through a Plus Leviton DZ6HD then up to another Plus Leviton DZ6HD and then through a Plus Leviton DZPD3 module before getting to the Plus Leviton DZPD3 Effect light. The Effect light exhibits strange behaviors, coming on randomly, etc., even though all device in the route are Z-Wave Plus. Apparently, the differing routes came about because the devices were included at different times in the creation of the mesh. Or, maybe not?

The question is: Is there any way to trick/tweak the mesh to get both of these devices to use the more direct, more reliable route of the Tree lights? Likewise, I see numerous cases in my Z-Wave Details listing where there seem to be more direct routes to many of the devices. It would be nice to be able to "force" some of these routes and see if the mesh would validate them with a nightly repair, for example.

Any thoughts?

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You could do a single node repair on that device (effect light) and see if it alters the routing.

i have a few like that and if anal like me i periodically do a few node repairs .. stupid when some devices are in the same room 10 feet from hub decide to route through devices farther away.. It is an artifact of the fact that the devices and hub actually don't know the physical location and just go by signal strenght.. I have a feeling there are periodic signal issue due to interference and whatnot that cause route change and the device or hub picks a stupid route.

i keep a zwve details window open, a log window open, a zwave logs window open , and a device window and after the repair completes hit refresh a bunch and look at the new route.. Sometimes i have to do the repair 2 to 3 times to get a route that makes sense to me.

Tried that and come up with:
Effect repair
with the associated log:
Effect log

Guess there is some maturing yet to go with the routing algorithms.

There is not. What you are seeing is a snapshot of mesh routing in progress. The Z-Wave radio is constantly trying new routes. We have no control, no way to β€œhint” a set of routes. Best thing to do is to sit back and (hopefully) enjoy the ride.

For the last few months (2.2.4 and 2.2.5), the re-routing seems to have gotten more aggressive.

Personally, it appears to me that the best we can do is to sprinkle good repeaters around the house so that the hub has an abundance of routes to try.

I understand that there is supposed to be another Z-Wave radio firmware update in the next month or so, perhaps things will change at that time.

Appreciate the feedback, and the optimism for improvement with future releases. Have several Ring repeaters and numerous powered Z-Wave Plus Leviton dimmer/switches (repeaters, I hope) in the system, just not able to get them involved in meaningful way.

When I go to Z-Wave details, it doesn't show me the routes. How do you get it to display that?

So if you are getting 100kbps throughput why worry about where it's routing through? Even 40 is decent. I start to get nervous around 9.6 though..

Sorry jumped in too fast.. apologies. As long as there are no other issues then a 100 or 40 kbps throughput should be okay though?

Interesting! It failed repair so that probably confirms what you have observed - that it is having problems. Very odd though that it doesn't pick up a similar route to the other device (node 1F) . . .

This information is only available on the C7 unfortunately.

Ah, that explains it.

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Something to always keep in mind is a lot of this native Z-wave behavior is simply baked into the firmware of the Silicon Labs Z-wave chips that are embedded in the HE and connecting devices. The developers get a SDK from SiLabs that allows them 'some' access and control over the chips, but much is handled hidden under the hood. I'm pretty sure there is no access with the SDK to override the default mesh routing behavior and manually make any choices, or particiate at all. @bcopeland can set that record straight as one of the developers working with the SDK.

@wfoley I share your frustration and desires. I notice with my Z-wave mesh all the time very strange and off routes. Nothing would make me more happy then to go in and manually provision a route and publish to the HE and device. However I have to drop my OCD, and let go allowing the native Z-wave software to make hopefully the best choice.

I have also come to believe that the info in Z-wave details page could appear on the surface more alarming then it really is, in other words a false negative. In the end are your Z-wave devices working well and responding quickly? If so, then don't worry about it! :wink: