Any thoughts on a decent priced leak sensor?

I have 9 of the centralite 3315s.
Love them...pair easy, they stay connected and they work when even a tiny amount of water touches the contacts. I'm looking to get 4 more leak detectors but these centralite ones seem to be harder to find these days...couldnt find a single one on eBay and amazon were out of stock as well.
Anyone using a decent priced zwave plus or zigbee leak detector to recommend?

I'm using Shelly Flood (WiFi) and Aqara Water Leak (Zigbee) sensors.

Both types are very reliable and energy efficient.

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I have 4 of the BlitzWolf BW-IS5 water leak detectors and they've worked fine in my testing. These appear to be white label ones of the same:

they work with the inbuilt Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor driver.

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I got excited when i'd seen less than 6 dollars per unit..but that sonly russian federation and they dont ship...BUT still less than thats reasonable.
Appreciate the recommendation

Thanks Jost. They are pretty good price too. 4 for 50...out of china But im in no rush so i dont mind a few weeks for half the price of the others

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That gets me every time on Aliexpress

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