Any thoughts about scene devices not getting switched?

I have a scene (daytime) which turns on a bunch of lights and outlets and nominally a few more off. Most are Z-wave, but a couple are Zigbee.

Occasionally, one of the z-wave devices does not turn on when the scene is activated. If I re-activate the scene, it still does not come on. I thought at first it was a radio distance/blocking problem except that: 1) The device that did not come on today is probably 5 feet straight line from the Hubitat, 2) There are lots of other Z-wave devices nearby to re-signal; these never fail, so the radio reaches them. 3) If I turn on the "failed" device individually from Hubitat it works fine.

Any thoughts what might be going on or what I should do about logs to get more info?


BTW, activation optimization is turned OFF for this scene.

Are there any groups involved in the scene? You should probably turn off the on/off optimization for those if so. And possibly enable metering for the groups and the scene, that will let you insert a delay for sending the commands to the lights - probably more of an issue for the ZWave ones.

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No, no groups or rooms in use. But it occurred to me just now to see if the individual devices had opimization. Nope.

One thing: Both of the problem devices are sub-devices. That is one is an individual outlet in a Zooz double plug. The other is an outlet in a Zooz power strip.

Let me think about the metering and delay. Not sure I understand, but research is called for.



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Indeed the double plug is a ZEN25. The outlet strip is ZEN20 Version 2. I'll check the ZEN25 version tomorrow. I have updated the Hubitat firmware several times since that post in Dec '20, but will also make sure I have the latest.

But if this is a Z-wave problem, does it explain why when it fails it is always when part of a scene and never when turned on individually?


I could check remotely. The ZEN25 firmware is V2.0.