Any ST presence sensors (arrival) for sell from anyone in the UK?

I would like some ST (arrival) Presence sensors for a project, it seems they are discontinued. And currently none on eBay except for inside starter kits. Happy to take broken cases or broken battery holders.

AEOTEC have taken over the manufacture of Smartthings sensors. Try Amazon, I had a quick look and they appear to be in stock

I think you are confused I'm looking for these

Yeah not made by samsung anymore. Everything from Smartthings is now being made by Aeotec. That particular device though will probably not be made again. You may want to look at the presence sensor that @iharyadi is making. Check this thread...

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@TMLeafs, The original ST sensor were no where to be found for awhile. I was trying get one approximately 6 months ago. I could not find it. This is one of the major reason to make one. I am using it in my car. My implementation is optimized for used in a car.

I do not want to duplicate the information on my post. I just want to let you know that currently have small quantity of the modules for sale. If you interested in trying one, feel free to PM me.

May I suggest the Phillips Hue Motion Sensors? They´re faster than the ST sensors and in addition to temperature, it also measures luminosity. They are precise, works very well with Hubitat , the battery also lasts an eternity, and its price isn´t abusive.

I can see the where the confusion could come from... The original SmartThings "Presence" sensors were small, keychain sized zigbee devices that really did nothing other than routinely check-in with the ST Hub. If the hub did not receive a 'check-in' message within about 2 minutes, the device was marked as "not present". Otherwise, is would show as "present".

Thus, it really had nothing to do with detecting human motion in a specific space, but rather whether the key-fob was within range of the hub. Hubitat supports these old zigbee devices as well.

Thus, the Hue Motion sensors really are not a replacement option for these little devices. Most users these days simply use their iOS or Android phone's Geofencing capability to determine if they are 'present' or 'not present'.

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Guys, please excuse my confusion, @ogiewon is right: I confused presence sensor with motion sensors... As English isn´t my mother tongue, I misunderstood. Please disregard my comment!


I'll have a look after work I'm sure I still have mine don't use it.

I may have a damaged one in my stash but can't quite be sure until I return home. I'm in the UK, what are you attempting to make?

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