Any recommendations for IR blasters?

I am looking for an IR blaster that I can use via Hubitat to control my projector and receiver that I can use to program routines and turn off devices. Can anyone recommend a Z-Wave compatible IR Blaster or a better alternative?

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have you checked for voice control via alexa.. i know there is a musicast skill for our yamaha preamp. i can tell it to turn on or off the multiple zones and up/down the volumes etc.. also look at logitech it is very programable the logitec one i belive.. we have one. and you can do pretty much anything with it and it also has an alexa skill, can control tivo and receiver etc. direcdtly with voice..

as for a zwave or zigbee compatible one i cant help you there as dont use it that way.. sorry.

Have you looked at the Harmony Hub? It's a little pricey now but I've frequently seen it on sale. There is a great community driver and it also works with Alexa.

Here is some fodder for your search. I have used the RM3 mini and was very pleased with them. They are very small and omnidirectional.

Don't be put off by the [WITHDRAWN] in the title. There is a substantial community of believers in there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, I'll look at the RM3/4 Minis and the Harmony Hub.

I didn’t like a range on my rm3 mini, waiting for harmony to arrive

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